Project Description
Custom Chalk Extensions for Telligent's Graffiti CMS product -

Graffiti CMS is a simple content management system from Telligent. Graffiti uses Chalk to render themes. Chalk a very simple templating language - a combination of NVelocity and Graffiti goodies. This project contains Chalk extensions which adds some features and operations that are missing from the current release of Graffiti.

Chalk Extensions currently contains the following methods:
  • public PostCollection GetAllPostsForCategory(string categoryName)
  • public Post GetNextPostForCategory(string categoryName, Post currentPost)
  • public Post GetPreviousPostForCategory(string categoryName, Post currentPost)
  • public PostCollection SortPostsAscending(PostCollection posts, string propertyName)
  • public PostCollection SortPostsDescending(PostCollection posts, string propertyName)
  • public PostCollection Randomize(PostCollection original, int numberOfPosts)
  • public PostCollection GetRandomPostsForCategory(string categoryName, int numberOfPosts)

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